Great ways to last longer in bed naturally

Most relationships risk falling apart due to the most common problem of premature ejaculation which can have a large variety of causes. This aspect in a relationship will beyond doubt make a solid and intimate relationship shaky.

A man’s ego is defined by his sexual being, how he performs in bed. Most men who underperform in bed across the globe continue to leave a bad life. Study shows that premature ejaculation may result in destabilized relationships that may eventually lead to breakups.

The condition is also connected to low self-esteem. It’s so unfortunate that a number of men don’t satisfy their female counterparts and even those who think they do, might be fooling themselves.

Learning how to last longer in bed requires skill and knowledge. There are several techniques that will help you last longer in bed and leave your partner completely satisfied. Here are some tips:

Satisfy yourself first

Medical practitioners advise that masturbating before you have sex with your partner will actually extend sex duration. This has been one of the common practices for some people. It has been proven for years that releasing sperm in advance will enable the longevity of the second ejaculation thus extending their sexual pleasure.

Most men unfortunately fail to put their sexual excitement under control. But with masturbation prior to intercourse, one can be much relaxed to be able to control the second ejaculation.

Mental control

Focusing your mind on that you are making love to your partner will dispose of your mental ability to control yourself (there’s some great info on this here). It will leave you with limited self-control and result in quick ejaculation. Focusing your brains on a less specific thing to be aroused and not excited is vital towards a lengthened sex. You may create an image that your lover is sexy but not anything that might make you too sexual. Premature ejaculation is quite controllable contrary to most men who have been suffering in silence for lack of knowledge.

Breathing tip

Concentrating on your breathing will allow you to have good control of yourself. A rapid breath can ruin the moment because is a symbol of joy and anxiety. It is paramount to slow your breathing because it will help you be in full control by making you relaxed and casual.

Gently restrain your testicles

If you gently hold your testicles during sex, it will help you control your ejaculation although most people see it as a disturbance. There is another method as well that involves using a penis ring or band. This method requires the man to attach the ring at the base of his penis, thus curbing quick ejaculation.


A condom can do the trick and so it’s not to be underestimated. Most people pay leap attention to this trick, but using it reduces sensation derived from intercourse. More importantly, it is comfortable and can greatly lengthen the duration of the sex for people who ejaculate quickly.


Some of these methods will work better than others but none of them are really a total premature ejaculation cure. If you’re a guy who understands how important it is to satisfy your partner and would like a real solution to premature ejaculation a quality guide on how to last longer in bed such as is recommended. It is possible to prevent premature ejaculation and fully last longer in bed with the above method.


Tim Dobson
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