Premature Ejaculation Pills – Do They Work?


p2It can be thought for a guy when he first realizes he is effected by premature ejaculation and begins to look for a solution. being such a widespread problem and with no medically approved solution, there are many various alternative treatments methods on the market that claim to prevent premature ejaculation. One of the more highly promoted in this category would have to be premature ejaculation pills that are sold on a number of websites.

But exactly what are these premature ejaculation pills? and can they really help you last longer in bed?

All of the common brands of premature ejaculation pills are made of a mix of natural herb extracts meaning that you are able to obtain them without seeing a doctor or needing a script purchasing. While most are perfectly safe, you should make sure to purchase from a reputable brand (I’ve listed these below) as regulation is limited and quality control not always what it should be for some of the lesser products.

Who should take premature ejaculation pills?

If you choose a reputable brand these tablets are safe for anyone to take, however you should be aware that there are usually more effective methods of controlling premature ejaculation. of course it’s very tempting to read the promises on these companies sites and imagine just popping a pill and having your problems magically cured. Yet it very really pans out this way, as it can usually take up to a month to see results (if any) and you will have to continue taking these pills on an ongoing basis which can be extremely expensive in the long run. If fact you’ll be looking at around $600 per year.

Are there better ways to last longer in bed?

The answer for most men is a resounding yes. If you haven’t yet heard about premature ejaculation exercises programs this is definitely an option that has a much higher success rate than premature ejaculation pills. And of course another advantage is that once you have learned the skills of ejaculation control, the ability to stay in control during intercourse will be with you for ever and there will be no ongoing cost or messing about with tablets ever again.

The best of these programs by a long shot is Beyond Delay by Mike Anderson. At his site you can read in detail about all the exercises and skills he teaches and discover why this is such a popular premature ejaculation treatment.

Which Premature Ejaculation Pills Are The best?

If you do decide to go for the option of taking premature ejaculation pills it’s important to go with a trusted brand as there have been reported issues with of some of the less trusted sites  shipping inferior products or not honoring their stated refund terms.

We recommend going with one of the premature ejaculation tablet brands listed here to be safe. We would encourage you not to get your hopes up to much as some of the claims made on their sites are to good to be true and be prepared to keep an open mind and try some alternative premature ejaculation treatments should the PE pill option not work for you.

Tim Dobson
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