The Ejaculation Coach Premature Ejaculation Course Review

Premature Ejaculation Book

In the past, we have checked out just about all the books ever written on treating premature ejaculation. Most of those geared towards ejaculation training tended to regurgitate exercises devised by Masters and Johnston such as the squeeze techniques and stop and start method.

That’s why we are so excited about the Ejaculation Coach course with has just been released by well-known premature ejaculation coach Mitch Hawkins. This is the first time such an extensive training program has been available to regular guys online and represents a breakthrough in the way men deal with premature ejaculation going forwards.

From Easy To Hard

Mitch has laid out the course in the exact same way as he does with his private clients. Starting with the easiest and fastest working modules such as the instant cool-down strategies and breathing techniques. He then works up to the more advanced stuff.

The last modules to be completed at the end of the course are more challenging but designed to take guys to the level where can last as long as they want every time.

So Many Ways To Last Longer

The thing we liked most about Mitch’s course is the huge number of techniques and training exercises he covers. This is much more than any other program we have seen.

Mitch says this is why the course has such a high success rate. Every man is slightly different, which is why you need to cover every base and make sure that no one “falls through the cracks”.

Not Just One Man’s Story

That’s the problem with most other guides out there. They are all about just “one Man’s story”.  While these methods may have worked for the author, it doesn’t follow that they will work for other guys as well.

Because Mitch has worked with so many private clients he has seen exactly where some guys would fail in the past and have been able to adjust his methods to prevent it.

What are the methods used to last longer?

Mitch covers all these in detail over at his site, which is well worth a read even if you don’t intend to complete the course (which you should if you have PE).


If you have premature nucleation, completing this course is no brainier. It’s far superior to all the click-bank promoted e-books guys have had to settle with in the past.

Tim Dobson
Hi. I'm Tim Dobson. I created this site to help share my experiences with attempting to cure my ejaculation problems and share what has worked (and what hasn't) with guys who are in a similar predicament. I don't post as often as I used to as I'm happy to report that I was successfully able to cure my premature ejaculation through the training methods taught in the Beyond Delay training guide. Thanks for visiting my site and good luck.

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